Painting, color mixing and color palette construction process

  1. Three points of paint; seven points of carpentry
  2. Three-point paint; Seven-point paint

Three elements of painting: 1. Material 2. Method and equipment 3. Process and management

Material classification, material classification:

  1. Distinguish from the wooden eye:
    1. Dark wood eyes: Walnut, Fraxinus mandshurica, Oak, Cherry, Sapeli, etc.
    2. Light wood eyes: beech, shadow wood, maple, etc.
  2. Distinguish from color:
    1. Light colors: white beech, white maple, white walnut, white oak, etc.
    2. Medium color: red beech, oak, cherry, ash, red walnut, etc.
    3. Dark colors: black walnut, sapele, teak, etc.
  3. Distinguish from grade:
    1. High-end: flower camphor, rosewood, pearl wood, etc.
    2. Mid-range: Sapele, cherry wood, teak, etc.
    3. Low grade: Fraxinus mandshurica, white oak, etc.