Coating varieties match construction technology

In the coating construction process, according to different coating effects and construction requirements, a set of suitable coating varieties and matching techniques can improve the coating effect, reduce coating costs, and increase work efficiency. On the contrary, not only Can not get excellent coating effect, and increase the cost of coating, and even scrap the whole product. For example: NC type for base, UPE, PE type for surface. When using this process, although it is not 100%, there will be ills. But more than 90% will have bad phenomena
PU bottom NC surface: This is a set of typical coating varieties matching coating process, it is easy to make a thicker coating layer, enhance the hardness of the paint film, have an excellent coating effect, and have a dry and delicate touch feeling.
PU bottom PU surface: the most common and widely used
PE bottom PU surface: This process is ideal when gloss, high hardness and good fullness are required. PE paint has high solid content. It can be sprayed at one time during construction to improve work efficiency, which is another major advantage.
PE bottom PE surface: Due to the poor leveling of PE paint, the final paint film surface effect must be polished and waxed to achieve the best state. According to its own construction conditions and product shape, whether it is easy to operate the final process NC Bottom NC Surface: The opening effect of the painting, the natural and vivid effect and the original effect of the substrate, other types of coatings and variety matching technology can not be compared with it